A game about shyness! Made for #MixAndGameJam 2020. The theme was "Mixing Genres" and we've tried mixing platformers with super old school text adventures.

Programming, Game Design by Aidin Zolghadr: https://aidinz.itch.io/
Game Design, Level Design: Shaghayegh Kamyar
Music by James Evans: https://jamese.itch.io/
Art by polygitsune: https://polygitsune.itch.io/

Hope you enjoy!

A play through of the game: 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorAidin Zolghadr
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags2D, emotional, Pixel Art, Retro, shyness


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Awww this was a nice premise and a cute ending! Made me work those last few levels tho XD Thank you for the game!


G lad you liked it! :3

Was fun!

Glad you liked it ;)

Would be lovely if you could export a web based version for your other itchio projects as well. I'm on mac, but I'd love to try your other games out as well.


Will do!

Very cute game! I'm to afraid to ask who I love though. If I were in this game, I would die at the "do you want to ask me something" I wouldnt be able to, im to awkward and shy.

I'm trapped

Sending halp.

this game is relatable accept I got rejected

Very accurate description on how shy can be. The internal conflict is real! I wish I can be more courageous in high school. But it's a short and sweet game :)

Hey thanks for the video!

Loved it, design , concept, art music and message, therapeuticall for sure , than you !!

this was so fun


nice idea as a platformer date simulator


i played your old game and it was fantastic and why i started making game was that game

rot gut was a phenomonan

What a great comment and testament !! thank you !!

I'm so happy to hear this! Keep it up.

(1 edit)

Beautiful , 

what the world needs now , LOVE  !!!

Fun game , thank you ,so proud of you !!

Thanks! Exactly.

Beatiful art
Cute Idea
Fun gameplay

The part with bullet hell took some time XD
would've been great if you could choose

good game

Thanks! Yes, that would be awesome.

great work. very creative idea 

Thank you!

برام یه سوال پیش اومد که چرا وقتی ما به اون هدف میرسیم یهو مپ عوض میشه ؟چرا مثلا یه مانع یا در نگداشتین ؟ هدف خاصی داشتین؟

آخر بازی قبل از کاتسین رو میگی؟

خیلی خوب بود . فقط اینکه تو اون مرحله که تیر شلیک میشد و باید از پلتفرم ها بالا میفرتیم اون کادر بالای کارامتر مانع دیدن شدن تیر ها میشد و اینکه فاصلشون خیلی کم بود از پلتفرم ها  .

آره راه حل خوبی تو اون فرصت پیدا نکردیم متاسفانه. مرسی که بازی کردی.


Really cute idea! It would be cool if you could change what you say by picking up different words in different order, some words would be harder to get to but would unlock different dialogue, maybe leading to multiple endings. but for a proof of concept its really neat!

Thanks for playing. Fantastic idea!