Gather gun modules and create the ultimate WARMACHINE!

Keys: Arrow keys + Z OR WASD + L


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Took a few tried to get the rhythm down but after that was a good time. It does lag a bit when you rack up a ton of guns though. 

Next update will fix it, thanks for playing!


The idea is gold
I really like the Vlambeer style of it too!

Thanks MayTea jan.

Wow, what a game, How can such a simple design bring so much fun. By simple I don't mean its simple to make. Enjoyed it much, thank you!!

Thanks for your kind words!

khili khob shode . faght ba screen shakesh moshkel daram. hes mikonam khoshke makhsosan to bargasht  .

 inke baham michasban khili bahale  vali kash ye mahdodiati rosh ghara migereft masalan harchi bishtar mishan sorat charkhidan kond tar mishe ya fire rate kamtar beshe . ye hamchin chizi . 

good luck

areh, gharar bood tir e module ha tamoom beshe. Needs more work.

Perfect and fast, just like the type of shoot 'em ups they used to make back in the day 😍😍


Wow... Crazy :))) ...